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Managers, labels and bands. Are you tired of having to find new crew and build new relationships, every time you or your artists head out to play live, tour or work on TV/radio/on-line promo?


Based in the UK and with over 25 years of worldwide touring experience, Tambourine Management offers an experienced, cost effective, ONE-STOP-SHOP tour production/management service, covering all aspects of live music production and event management. 


Have the same point of contact every time you play live, tour or work on TV/radio/on-line promo...and let us take the stress out of all the following:


  • General Tour and Production Management

  • Work Permits and Visas

  • Budget Management

  • Provision of Live Crew and Personnel

  • Provision of Sound/Lighting/Rigging & Backline Equipment

  • Show Advancing

  • Provision of Flights/Trucking/Vans/Buses/Hotels

  • Live Show Filming, Recording and Delivery

  • Accounting

  • And much much more!


We can tailor our services to match any level of budget, from headline arena tours, one off festival appearances, promotional TV/radio appearances, to artists & bands starting out on their first set of club shows.


The service costs no more than it would to have a tour manager advancing, but with the added bonus of having the same point of contact every time you need help.


Whether you're a non-UK artist coming to tour Europe, or a UK artist heading out on a world tour, get in touch to discuss your production needs, and let us produce a professional and cost effective touring solution for you.






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